The third airport is 3, not Silivri. Bridge to the route

I asked the people around, havaalanı Do you know where to go to the third airport in Istanbul? Et. Without exception they all said 'Silivri'. That's what I knew. However, according to my sensations, another location stands out for the third airport. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the first source to the Marmaray source, gave the signal of this, but he fled attention. The third airport is most likely to be located in the western part of the Belgrad Forests, to the northwest of the Kemerburgaz Göktürk Region, where a coal mine is located.

We will start many projects such as Marmaray, Kanal Istanbul, two new city projects on the European and Anatolian sides, our 100 thousand-capacity airport project on the Black Sea coast, and our Taksim project in the master period, and we will end them quickly. We will rapidly complete the ongoing projects in our 81 provinces and the new projects to be launched and put them into the service of our nation. I find it useful to underline here by underlining. Turkey, economy, investments, projects and democracy, does not go even one step back, he can not go and I will not go. " These words belong to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan, on January 14, 2012 to make Marmaray's first source, Kadıköy He did it at the ceremony he attended at Ayrılık Çeşmesi station. I looked at the news the next day, the detail of the 'airport project on the Black Sea coast' did not attract anyone's attention.

I asked him. I have a very interesting knowledge. The third airport that is thought to be in Istanbul seems to be made in an area to the west of the Belgrad Forests, not to Silivri, as everyone anticipates. It seems that this field will be more appropriate in preliminary preparations.

Completing projects

It is not possible to determine the location of the airport as a point shot. However, according to the information I have reached, Tayakadin, Ihsaniye, is a third airport between the places between Agacli and Akpinar, to the region where the old coal mines are located.

According to the information I received from the circles close to the subject, the Channel Istanbul project, the third Airport project and the North Marmara highway and the third bridge project will complement each other.

A part of the excavation work to be carried out during the excavation works for Kanal Istanbul will be used to fill ponds created by coal mines. Thus, a very large area will be created in that area. The third airport will be built in one of the completed points.

Everyone expects that the third airport Istanbul needs will be located close to Silivri. The land speculators also inflated the price of land in the region based on this information. However, at the point where we come from, the location of Silivri on the Black Sea, Belgrad Forests west of Kemerburgaz Göktürk neighborhood can take another location. (In the meantime, some minds I think I live in Gokturk and therefore I value the value of the house I live in, so I might speculate that I used to build up. I share a piece of information. I am not a tenant in the Göktürk. .)

Silivri looks more logical

Why could Silivri be abandoned? It is stated that while there is Atatürk Airport, a second airport on that line will not be very useful. Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Kadıköy district appeals to those who live in an area up to Gebze, Izmit and even Bursa. However, it is thought that an airport to be built in Silivri will not be a preferred alternative when there is Atatürk Airport. In addition, aviation experts point out that the air corridor used by planes to land and take off at an airport in Silivri will be the same as the air corridor that will be used by planes to land in Ataturk, and therefore will not be of any use to the intensity. On the other hand, there are those who think that the airport to be built on the Black Sea coast cannot have an air corridor independent of Atatürk.

Another basic question is, is Istanbul really the third airport required?

Yes, Ataturk airport can not respond to the need. However, some sources point out that the 800 acre area next to Atatürk Airport should be added to the existing area, and if there is a fourth runway, there will be no more extreme density at least 10 years. Ataturk Airport has stayed in many of the city yes but with the transportation facilities continues to be the first choice of everyone.

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