Bridge on Deliçay Ready for Landing

Bridge on Deliçay Ready to Landing: Deliçay passing through the boundaries of the Paşaköy District connected to Saruhanlı, and the bridge built by the local people with the support of Saruhanlı Municipality will be opened in the coming days.
Saruhanlı Mayor Hüseyin Yaralı, made the investigation on the completed bridge, Orhan and Mehmet Kurşun pioneered the construction of the bridge received information. President wounded in a statement made by the signature of the citizens of the work of the local people wished the bridge will be beneficial. About the 60 thousand pounds during the construction of the bridge that cost the tool and material support, they contribute to the service expressed that the injured, said: Acak When the bridge is put into service, transportation of the neighborhoods of Gökbel, Sarıçam, Çaltepe, Hatıplar, Şatırlar and Aydınlar neighborhoods to Tilkiköy and Tepecik will be more comfortable. At the same time, the bridge, which will facilitate land transportation, will take on an important role in this region. I would like to thank the local residents who contributed to the construction of the bridge in the name of Orhan and Mehmet Kurşun. They put together a great service with the money they collected. I express my gratitude to all those who have contributed. E
Mayor Yaralı stated that after the landscaping by the Municipality, the bridge will be opened to the service in the coming days. Orhan Kurşun, who want to go across the street in the past years, suffered a great deal of trouble, thanks to the bridge no longer experienced such problems expressed, thanked those who contributed.

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