The silkworm of Burna was showcased in Europe

The Silkworm of Burna was unveiled in Europe: Durmazlar Holding is aiming for the transportation of European cities with Green City, which is a new light rail vehicle.

prepared to take two new models to InnoTrans fair in Germany, Turkey's first indigenous tram manufacturer Durmazlar Holding, Green City with developed transportation in European cities aspire to. Durmazlar, tram and Turkey aims to produce the first domestic vehicle after the metro light rail vehicles.

Durmazlar Holding, which builds the vision of the future on machinery and rail systems, is preparing to take off to Innotrans 2014 with Green City (LRV) which is a two-way model of the Silkworm tram, which is walking around the streets of Bursa and a new light rail system. Durmazlar, which is a biennial held in Berlin, will showcase its vehicles at the Innotrans 23, the world's largest rail fair between 26-12 and 2014 this year. Durmazlar Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Hüseyin Durmaz said that they started to manufacture and develop the native rail system they started in 2009. Stating that the 6 tramway they have successfully delivered to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality last year, Durmaz said that they have added new models to the product range with the addition of 2 to the domestic and foreign markets. Hüseyin Durmaz stated that they made the necessary plans for the design of a domestic metro vehicle in the second quarter of next year and said that they will complete the product range of the urban rail vehicle vehicle.

Will make Durmaray a global brand

Durmaz, which aims to be a brand in the international market with the Durmaray brand, ğ We are preparing to participate in the tenders in Europe with the light metro vehicle Green City which we will exhibit at the fair. In our country, we have a production infrastructure due to the automotive sector, so we can compete with European manufacturers in terms of quality and cost. However, we should not only produce our own brand. Foreign capital goes from our country when conditions change or not. Examples of this have also been experienced in our country. However, we, as the domestic capital, were born in this country, we existed with this country and we will continue to work for this country no matter what the circumstances are. Ancak Hüseyin Durmaz, who stated that they want to increase the percentage of the population with 67, also mentioned that Durmazlar, who has the first R & D center in the machinery sector, also produces and exports high speed train bogies as a result of its cooperation with French Alstom. Durmaz, Turkey's 2023 500 billion dollars targeted melt located in contributing to the export target for rail systems targeted to the market that was passed. Durmazlar, in case of demand, has the capacity to produce 100 trams per year.

, We sell the silkworm first to Germany, our only competitor is the Chinese “

Huseyin Durmaz, xnumx'lik slope and bend the line of Bursa, one of Turkey's most difficult lines emphasizing that he used the following expressions; Di The silkworm proved itself in Bursa and our confidence came. We sell the silkworm first to Germany. I feel so. There are high costs, they can not produce. Already in Germany, the cars we sell to start walking, drums zurna and I'll play in the street. I'm gonna play it myself. The only competitors are the Chinese. The state is subsidizing them. Even after Germany, we sell to China even before. They've sold us for centuries, so we sell. He'il be there.

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