Revision proposal for the Izmir tram project

Revision proposal for the Izmir tram project: The Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Architects prepared a report on the tram projects of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, especially the Konak tram, which was revised in the project regarding their previous criticism. It was suggested that the tram pass through Mithatpaşa Street instead of the green areas on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard.

Chamber of Architects Izmir Branch explained that the tram projects are the right projects for İzmir, but there are incomplete and problematic preferences in the application-design decisions on the routes selected and the routes it has passed. The Chamber of Architects, who found the change made by taking the route on the Şair Eşref Boulevard, which they criticized earlier, to the traffic route, pointed out that only problematic decisions are still going on at Şehit Nevres Boulevard - Cumhuriyet Square - Şehit Fethi Bey Caddesi. In the report, “Especially in Cumhuriyet Square pass, the existing traffic will be cut at two points and the pass will be made. It probably consists of 2 lighted junctions. It is obligatory to examine carefully in terms of traffic safety and operational problems ”.

In his report, the Chamber of Architects criticized the project on the Konak-Üçkuyular route for the tram to be crossed by Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard. The road between the buildings and the sea between the road is located, indicating that the access to the shore is difficult Architects, the tramway, taking the road here, the relationship between the shore and human relationship would be cut further.

Elderly, disabled, child etc. The Chamber of Architects stated that it would be very difficult for the users to reach the shore by passing the tramway, vehicle road, median road, and the road again, and this situation contradicts the design sensitivity towards the effective use of the coast and the bay, which is being implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality as a correct policy. The Chamber of Architects stated that their suggestion is that the tram between Konak - Üçkuyular passes through Mithatpaşa Street instead of the sea side of the existing buildings, thus ensuring that both access to the tram and access to the shore can not be accessed by detailed information about other tram lines.

On the other hand, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the tender between Üçkuyular and Halkapınar. Studies will begin soon.



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