Invitation from the President Türel for the Rail System

For the Rail System Mayor Türel Invitation to the Box: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel asks the public about the 200 million lira giant project.

As President Türel promised before the elections, the Expo- Meydan raises the ball for the rail system line. The 20 neighborhood on the route, 31 August 2014, will go to the polls on Sunday to vote for the rail system. He does not want citizens to be canceled just one of Antalya's not all of Turkey's largest projects.

President Menderes Türel organized neighborhood meetings in Yeşilova and Kızıltoprak on the rail system route and invited citizens to vote in the referendum. The meetings were attended by Yeşilova, Mehmetçik, Topçular, Agriculture, Yeşilova, Yenigöl, Yeşilköy, Kızıltoprak and Meydan Kavağı and many citizens. Governor Türel, who told the citizens about the giant project to overcome the era of Antalya, gave information about the referendum.

President Türel said that they would ask the citizens by putting the crate in the 31 August in August and said: suret We will ask you firstly about our citizens in Antalya on behalf of the big project. If you tell me to do what you can do as your servant. If you say that we do not want this investment on top of my head, we deal with another service, '' he said.

President Türel stated that they had rolled their arms to make one of the most important historical investments in Antalya. “In the past, we put into operation a system which has a subway tram and a part of which is called subway in Antalya. I was criticized at that time, I was exposed to the system. Our problem was to serve the nation. Many of our citizens had question marks on their minds. These facilities were in question because the future blessing in exchange for the buried burden was very well appreciated and not understood. Today every day 50 is transported in this rail system, which is shown as a occasion to lose thousand people, from time to time. 50 is making a cool cool trip in the air conditioned environment of the world's most modern, most contemporary way to the thousand citizens. Today, the work we have done at the point of our citizens appeared to benefit the good. Bugün he said.

Antalya, perhaps the first time in the history of the 31 August Sunday, the 20 neighborhood by putting the ballot box, citizens will ask for your views of the project President Türel, said:
. We want you to use your votes by showing your IDs to the friends in the ballot box as in the same elections, putting YES or NO stamped ballots into the stamped envelopes in return for signature. Transparent management, democratic participation will be exhibited in the best way. This also means strengthening democracy. With this vote we will make on Sunday, we will show you the most beautiful example of what participatory management is from Antalya to Europe and the world. Gün

President Menderes Türel, who asked the citizens to vote on the polls on Sunday, said: “On Sunday, do not think that it is worth the trouble to go to the village headquarters and vote on a holiday day. The subject convinces all your friends to go to the village headquarters on Sunday and vote. Because it will be a confirmation of the value that you have given to our democracy. If you say 'Yes, we want rail system from the last stop to the airport and Aksu EXPO', then the project will be ready for your service on 23 April 2016. We do these services for you. The people of Yesilova, Kızıltoprak, Mehmetçik, Kırcami region, all the citizens living in the world's most modern transportation vehicles to reach the bus station, the city center can reach directly. If our citizens want to expand these lines in the future will also be in question. Then maybe when you get out of here, you will be able to reach the medical school, the state hospital and the bus station and even the Varsak. But our priority is to reach hospitals and bus stations that are our urgent needs. Ama

Speaking at the meeting, President of the Mukhtar Association Nazif Alp, "No to say this project is madness is crazy," he said, President of the President of the Green House and Muratpaşa Muhtarlar Ahmet Akcan, "Our people are very happy. The 90 is positive. From here we can go to Otogar Kepezalti, Airport and Aksu Buradan.

The headman of the square Kavağı Mehmet Budaklı said, ”I bought a brochure from the municipality and distributed it in my neighborhood. I got positive feedback from everyone. For the future of Antalya, this rail system will be very good to solve the transportation problem. A very good project for the nation for our country, Millet he said.
Kızıltoprak District Headman Mustafa Yilmaz, "People's percentage is positive," he said.

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