Street is excavated, body material is laid and then covered with asphalt

The street is excavated, the body material is laid, and then asphalt is paved: Çorum Municipality, while asphalting the streets and streets of the city, digs the road for half a meter and lays the body material again, and then paves the asphalt, it is appreciated by the citizens. kazanhe's eating. Lastly, Hikmet Durgun, Head of Gülabibey Neighborhood, said that they welcome the awareness of "solid infrastructure" as residents of the neighborhood.
Çorum Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs asphalt teams, asphalt program continues in an intense tempo.
Nowadays, work machines are operating in the Sinan and Gülabibey neighborhoods.
Yenidoğan Street, which is located just opposite the Chest Diseases Hospital and connects Cemilbey Street to Fevzi Çakmak Street, is being made ready for asphalt by renewing the road body. 280 meter-long street, 50 cm. digging After the new body material has been laid, concrete asphalt pavement will be made and a high standard asphalt road will be served to the people of the region. 600 tons of asphalt will be laid here.
DURGUN: “Your satisfaction from the municipality DUR
Gulabibey Neighborhood Headman Hikmet Durgun, asphalt renewed streets and streets in the real sense of a solid infrastructure has been created, stating, larda the high standards of our municipality to make high asphalt road, all neighborhood residents are happy. Science Works teams, hand in hand to the road immediately. We are also pleased with the other services of the municipality. Belediye
Municipal teams, the streets of Gülabibey continues to work. For example, 230 m. Newborn 7.5 with length, 6 meters wide. On the street, 50 cm. excavation of the body material will be laid. 420 tons of hot asphalt will be poured on.
Karafakioğlu 4, which is also connected to Yenidoğan Avenue. and 5. the streets of the streets are also undergoing extensive renovation.
In Mimar Sinan District, 11 is the entrance of the Industrial Estate. The street is paved.
2 thousand tons of asphalt pavement was reported here.
The rollers continue to operate continuously.

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