Kayapınar municipality will make 70 thousand tons asphalt work

Kayapinar Municipality 70 will perform a thousand tons of asphalt works: Diyarbakir Kayapinar Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs, paved roads and asphalt paved roads and completed roads, asphalt work started. 70 thousand tons of asphalt casting will be done.
DİYARBAKIR Kayapınar Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs, within the scope of the 2015 work program, the pavement and infrastructure work completed roads in the new settlements and asphalt eroded areas, asphalt work initiated. Investigating the asphalt study that started in Dicle Kent, Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Chair Fırat Anlı, Kayapınar Municipality Co-Chairs M. Ali Aydın, Fatma Archimedes, DBP Co-Mayor Ramazan Şimşek and council members received information about the studies.
Kayapınar Municipality Co-Chairperson M. Ali Aydın said, N We made a bid of 120 thousand tons of asphalt for the two-year asphalt works in order to avoid any problems in transportation in the new settlements next year. This year we plan to make 70 thousand tons of asphalt. By the end of May, we will plan to asphalt 70 area in our region. In the last one and a half years of the rain drainage project, which is very important in our region and continued in our region, problems have been encountered in transportation. Our people are right about this in their systems. Our people know how much rain water is important for a main city. In this sense, the last 2 year will be compensated as municipalities. The Metropolitan Municipality and our lower-level municipalities have started to work within this framework. In the same way we started the road works on the pavement and villages. Aynı
Mayor Fatma Archimedes, who stated that all the municipalities started a large study, said, ve As the Metropolitan Municipality and the lower-level municipalities, we are working hard to solve all the problems of our city. Our people deserve to live in the best conditions. As a municipality family, we will try to offer the most beautiful to our people. We are working to solve asphalt, pavement and cleaning problems. Together with our people we will overcome all the problems Halk.
Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Co-Chair Fırat Anlı stated that the public municipalities were doing great services in impossible places and said Bel In spite of this, our municipalities achieved successful works. Especially with the annual work of 16 Kayapinar Municipality built a city. This year our municipality will continue to work for the modern municipality. Bu

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