Where to get Ankarakart? How to get Ankarakart? Where are Ankarakart sales filling points?

📩 29/11/2018 20:41

Where to get Ankarakart, how to get Ankarakart, Ankarakart sales filling points where: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has passed the jeep cards and decided to save paper cards. Ankarakart was released to save money on the cards used by millions of citizens. Where to get Ankarakart? How to get Ankarakart? Where are Ankarakart sales filling points? Answers to questions.

How can I buy Ankarakart from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality?

After the Feast of Sacrifice, Dikimevi and Beşevler subway stations can also be used for applications on the internet. Students will be able to receive discounted discount cards only for 31 TL until 5 December. Cards 1 will serve as a pass until January, then the desired amount of TL loading will be used as a ticket. Necmettin Tahiroğlu, General Manager of EGO, gave information about the new application. 10 As of January, we will start to use Ankarakart in Metro and Ankaray with all EGO buses. X Mayor of the Mayor Melih Gokcek previously reminded the students that the application of the bandar fee will be removed. If the 1 remains after December, they will have to pay the band fee. Teachers will pay a fee for the bander than last year's price. Öğretmen

1 Tahiroğlu who gave information about the use of 3 cards as of January, said:
Lar Students and other discounters will use the 'red card'. 'Blue full' will be for 'orange free' uses. The date of use of all three 1 January. With the new year, all EGO buses will be used in metro and Ankaray, and then used in private public transportation vehicles. Students and teachers who use discounted tickets will be able to apply in the form of student documents or teachers at Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Building and Metro Distribution Center from now on (10 October). After the feast, you will get your card from here without waiting for the order. Reduced cards 1 will replace passport until January, and then be filled with a magnetic reader and filled with a ticket. Kart


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