Investments in 14 annually increased by 10

Investments in 14 annually increased by 10: The 14 annual ruling period of the AK Party has brought a golden age to the economy. Despite all the worst-case scenario and prepared internally and externally growth terrorist attacks, it has doubled the figures in favor of Turkey in inflation and exports. The 14, which is the symbol of trust and stability, has reached 10 billion dollars in 148,2 over the years.
The 14-year ruling period of the AK Party has been recorded as an economic boom period full of reforms and successes. In the said period, huge investments worth billions were implemented one after another. The removal of six zeros from the Turkish lira, stable and rapid growth, low inflation, and record-level exports drew attention as the economic developments that marked this period. In the report of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, which describes the projects implemented in many fields during the AK Party governments, the road map drawn in the economy and the results obtained were revealed. Considered as the most important symbol of trust and stability, foreign direct investment figures, which were 14 billion dollars in total throughout the history of the Republic before 2002, rose to 15,1 billion dollars in 2003-2015 with an increase of 881 percent. In the report, it was pointed out that livable environment and brand cities were created during the AK Party governments, and it was stated that the infrastructure financing problems of the municipalities were solved with low-interest long-term loans. Turkey has taken vital steps towards energy during this period. Concrete steps were taken on nuclear energy.
The first 10 in the target world
In the report, Turkey in 2023 that the world's 10 largest economies as one of the primary purposes from being a country living in peace and harmony with their values ​​were given. This target will never be compromised in a statement whether the emphasis was voiced that Turkey is on the front. As a matter of fact, the world economy is getting smaller every day. The size of negative interest assets, fueled by global central banks, has reached $ 13,4 trillion worldwide. It is worried that the bubble, which is formed with the transition to positive interest rates, will explode like a bomb.
The games that the big countries with shrinking economies, facing the problem of unemployment, decreasing their resources and entering into a debt spiral, about creating new resources for themselves and new people who will work for them are no longer working. The best example to Turkey. Feton using the terrorist organization who see Turkey as an important step to correct the bad economy, people were disappointed in the face of the national will and strong political power.
Investments have become 'huge'
The localization rate, which is around 24 percent in the defense industry, has exceeded 14 percent in 55 years. Our ASELSAN and TAI companies took their place among the top 100 defense industry companies in the world.
Breakthroughs were also made in the field of transportation, maritime and communication. Highways, divided roads, airports, high-speed train lines, ports, shipyards, smart communication systems have been implemented in the 14-year period. high-speed train network in Turkey was implemented for the first time in this period. Ankara-based core high-speed train projects, which started service in 2009, were followed by Ankara-Eskişehir in 2009, Ankara-Konya in 2011, Konya-Eskişehir in 2013 and Ankara-Istanbul and Konya-Istanbul in 2014. YHT business in Turkey with new investments eighth in the world, he settled in sixth place in Europe. In addition to these, construction works of Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-İzmir YHT lines and Bursa-Bilecik and Konya-Karaman high-speed train lines are continuing. The number of airports is also increasing day by day. In the 14-year period, there have been great developments in food, agriculture and animal husbandry. In this period, agricultural supports were increased, agricultural financing channels were expanded, a rural development initiative was initiated and legislative arrangements were made for food security.
95% of Ankara YHT Station is completed
The construction of Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, which was started in 2014 and achieved a 99,5 percent progress, continues at full speed. The station, which is planned not only as a transportation station but also as a shopping, accommodation, meeting center and meeting point, consists of an indoor area of ​​178 thousand square meters and 8 floors. Ankara YHT Station, built with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, will serve 20 thousand passengers per day in the first stage and 50 thousand passengers per day in the future. Passenger transportation and high-speed train operation will be carried out by TCDD. The station will be operated by the contractor company for a period of 19 years and 7 months from its opening. At the end of the operation period, it will be transferred to TCDD. Built considering national and international standards, Ankara YHT Station will be connected to Ankaray, Başkentray, Batıkent, Sincan, Keçiören and airport subways.
Private sector grew
In 14 years, not only infrastructure investments but also private sector investments have accelerated. SMEs have paved the way for Science, Industry and Technology. Resources allocated to R&D and innovation were increased. Credit support was given to businesses in industrial zones. SSK, Bağ-Kur and Emekli Sandığı were gathered under one roof. The net minimum wage, which was 2002 lira in 184, was increased to 2016 lira in 300. 2002-2015 period, health spending in Turkey has increased more than six-fold. In 6, the number of tourists in the world that Turkey ranks 2002th, 17, he settled in 2015th place. The number of Customs Offices, which was 6 in 2002, was increased to 129 in 2016. In the 160-year period, the loan amount used by the tradesmen increased 14 times and loan costs were reduced. Tradesmen and craftsmen were introduced to new zero-interest loan opportunities. In the said period, the New Turkish Commercial Code and the Central Registry System Project were implemented and company establishment was facilitated.

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