Is Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project Far from Scientific?

The Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project is far from scientific: In our article titled M Science rebelled X in the 17.8.2014 issue of the Sakarya newspaper; Hüseyin Alan, the Chairman of the Board of Geophysical Engineers, has been evaluated for the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project.

It is an unfortunate statement, which is constructed with the latest high-speed train technology, with the experts of the subject in the process of construction and commissioning, and the evaluation made by the said person about the project which is working with universities.

The person who defines the Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project as ına the high-speed train project opened for the scientific rent as soon as possible veren is also unfair to the railway trainers working in the project, the competent local constructor experts in the field and the university teachers who contribute to the project.

It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.

Ankara-Istanbul YHT line was opened after the following processes were completed.

1- It was reported that the line was completed and ready for operation by the contractor and the consultant firm who built the line.

2- The acceptance of the line has been made by TCDD Admissions Commission consisting of technical experts.

3- Rail Construction Department issued the approval of the approval.

The technical team established under the coordination of 4- TCDD Traffic Department reported the suitability of the line for operation; Traffic Department prepared and published the operating instructions.

The 5-EU certified International Certification Agency has issued a safety report.

6- Finally, a report has been prepared by the Science Board consisting of the scientists appointed by the universities.

Ankara-Istanbul High YHT line has been put into operation after all these processes have been completed and a safe operability report has been prepared. In addition, automatic speed control system is applied for the operating speeds determined on the line.

In accordance with the relevant articles of the Press Law, without prejudice to our legal rights, we expect our disclosure to take place in your newspaper and wish you success in your works.

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  1. Hüseyin Efendi either makes a crack in the case of opposition, or does not know anything about YHT. Topics are deep and international aspects, learning a life is not enough for him.On the idea of ​​the single person is very insufficient. For him, the necessary tests, investigations, checks and appropriate reports were taken. .It is no longer a distress and no danger for milk now. The most secure comfortable environmentally friendly, fastest means of transportation. Community is right to trust. Who is the master of the game?

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