Highways Continues Asphalt Work

Highways Asphalt Work Continues: Asphalt work continues uninterruptedly on Ağrı Erzurum E-80 highway.
Ağrı-Erzurum E-80 road Eleşkirt Aslangazi village road leading to asphalt works continues uninterrupted. due to seasonal conditions, the road works, which have been left unfinished last year, continue uninterruptedly.
Highways engineer Hakan Gördük, said in a statement, remaining in the works remaining unfinished from the previous year this season, we continue to continue as long as the season.
We have seen, the road between Agri Eleşkirt double high, ie high-level, according to the standards were done in a manner said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:30

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