Kiğı-Yedisu road works in progress

Kiğı-Yedisu road works in progress: Construction of the 46 kilometer road between Kiğı-Yedisu, which will connect Kiğı to Erzincan, continues. 46 viaduct will be made with 18 tunnel on 2 kilolmetrelik road.
”Kiğı Selenk road will be finished this year“
The construction of the Kiğı-Selenk road, which continues within the framework of the Erzincan Kiğı road connection, continues.
According to the information received from the contractor Özaltın and the Highways authorities, the distance between Kiğı and Selenk will be 5 kilometers and will be delivered by the end of the year.
“Erzincan-Kiğı road will be completed in 2016”
There are 46 tunnels and 18 viaducts on the 2 kilometer road between Kiğı Yedisu which will connect Kiğı to Erzincan. The length of the T 1 tunnel is 240 meters long, 5 meters high and 8 meters wide.
”The road is not made in duplex“
Authorities stating that the road is not a double, the height of the tunnels will be five meters and the width of eight meters by specifying the Xnumx kiln Kiğı - Yedisu road will be completed in 46 said that the road was expressed. Authorities said the road construction work would be completed at 2015 due to the change in the project.

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