The work on the bridge will continue from the sea

Works on the 3rd bridge will continue from the sea: The feet of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge are almost finished. The line is at the level of assembling the plates forming the bridge that will connect the two continents from the sea.

The towers of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will be the third bridge in Istanbul, will reach 320 meters and exceed 250 meters. Work continues rapidly on the bridge, whose foundation was laid on May 29 last year.

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870 tons of decks (plates that make up the bridge) that will connect the two continents are brought from South Korea and assembled in facilities in Istanbul, Izmit and Yalova. Explaining that it is planned to start placing decks around the end of August, 3rd Bridge Construction Director Osman Sarı said, “It will be lifted by special cranes and hung from the ship to the bridge ropes. We'll start hanging these one by one since the one near the tower. The 360-meter section between the two continents will be crossed with steel pieces. All of the decks will consist of 59 pieces, ”he said. Emphasizing that the completion of the towers is very important, Sarı said, “The decks will come to the shore by ship. The first track will be the 4th five meters. These will be the closest parts to these bridge towers. "These decks will be placed when the bridge towers on both sides are finished," he explained.

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