3. The claim of emphasis on airport construction

3. The emphasis on the construction of the airport: 3. Tender specifications and contract in the construction of the airport have been reduced to 105 meters in height from sea level in 75 meters.

One day in the news newspaper, 3. It was claimed that the big emphasis on airport construction emerged. The newspaper's writer CHP Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu signed the report, the Limak-Cengiz-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture 22 152 3 million euros taken to the Euro. The airport tender was informed that the airport area, whose height was above the sea level, was reduced to 105 meters. The reason for this change is the reduction of excavation costs of 75 billion euros.

The main headline of the daily Birgün was the treasury guarantee and the elevation of the airport, which is the height of the airport. Aykut Erdoğdu on the emphasis put forward in the report, said:

"3. At the airport, there are hills and pits and pits that reach to a depth of -160 meters. In the tender specifications, the airport is expected to be an average of 37 meters above sea level.

In this case, the hills up to 160 meters had to be shaved and filled with huge pits that went down to -37 meter depth. According to the EIA report of the project, the amount of excavation projected in the airport construction was 1 billion cubic meters. All of Istanbul's excavation 2,5 isn't enough even if it moves here during the year.
This requires external ground transportation in order to complete the project within the prescribed period. The project will be spent on the excavation of approximately 3 billion euros. So the most costly item of the project.

The big construction companies who are considering to participate in the tender know this very well. He asks whether the question un Question and Answer Section sor about airport construction should be dropped before the tender. The Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of State Airports Authority, said that the tender will not be dropped. They ask me with a written question. DHMI says again that the jeans will not be dropped.

Now all the bureaucracy and business is 3. The airport's 30 meter is down. The average height of the airport is 105. Authorities answer the questions asked are evasive.

According to my information, the contractor firms have great pressure to reduce the jeans. It is not difficult to guess that this pressure was done through Erdoğan. This is the Minister of Transport who does not accept such questionable transactions. He's in the hospital. Bureaucrats don't want to sign on about the jeans. There are bureaucrats considering retirement or resignation.

3. The project area of ​​the airport is about as far as the Beyoğlu, Bayrampaşa or Zeytinburnu districts of Istanbul. Those who want to revive the size of the cost advantage that will be provided to the contractor by lowering the jeans should think about how much money should be spent in order to raise the whole Beyoğlu, Zeytinburnu or Bayrampaşa districts to the 30 meter.

The initial cost of the project is about 3 Billion euros, and the cost of the excavation is about 30 Billion Euro, with the 1 meter down. In other words, a single transaction puts 2 Billion Euros into the pocket of the contractors. Yani

”The public was damaged by at least 2 billion euros“

According to the Turkish Penal Code, this report constitutes the crime of X misinforming the execution of the act X, according to the Turkish Penal Code, with the announcement of 105 meters at the height of 75 meters. It was stated that this change was not known before the tender, that other firms participating in the tender were effective in keeping their bids low and there was a public harm in the middle.

News in the construction of the airport consortium of one of the construction companies in the 17-25 December bribery and corruption investigations reflected in the public during the investigation and abusive statements in a telephone conversation on the Internet were also reminded.

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