Please don't touch the walkway

Please do not touch the walkway: At the moment, a very important discussion on the agenda of Izmit.

Inevitable; Izmit has a very serious traffic and transportation problem.

Also known; Metropolitan Municipality, 30 promised tram for Izmit city center before the March elections.

The election results we all know. The AKP won the election, which promised the tram, not only that but also brought the tram to work in Izmit and displayed to the public on the Anıtpark. In other words, it is necessary to accept that the people of the city politically approve this project.

The issue we are discussing is where this tram passes.

We need to discuss this issue, the issue of where the tram will go in Izmit, even if the tramway in Izmit is really necessary or not.

Without cursing each other… Without turning this work into a political and ideological polemic subject, without breaking it; We should boldly put forward our ideas and the basis of these ideas, if any, our alternative suggestions, without throwing Molotov cocktails and spraying pepper gas. Because this issue has become a very important issue that concerns the future of Izmit.

I want nothing other than the people walking on the walk path of Izmit, I want nothing to move.

Not even a bike. Even if it's possible, don't let the stray dogs walk on the Walkway. The subject is not just plane trees. Iz We drive the tram from here. It is not enough to say that the sycamore trees do not harm the body, the branch or the leaves.

The Walkway is not just a plane tree.

That route is a symbol space that makes this city the most different city in the world.

It has Hyde Park in London .. Central Park in New York.

Huge green areas in cities full of huge buildings. There are lakes in them, streams flowing. Envai trees En

But our Walkway is something different. The city is almost across the center. In the middle of the city, when the plane trees open their leaves, there is a green tunnel.

He was on the routes in winter; It is a great pleasure to walk in the shade of the plane.

Perhaps the future generations of this city will hold festive ceremonies on that Way. The lighthouse will pass. Students will be doing their year-end graduation ceremonies here. It should be completely pedestrianized. Walk the streets on either side of the Walkway, whether it is pedestrianized or open to trucks. Pass the train, tram, dozer, toma, whatever you want from the streets of Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet. But what happens, please, don't touch our way of walking.

During the period of the local AKP government, the 10 year was very radical. Life style has changed. The society became so polarized that people in different political views came and went in different places.

The local governments in the AKP, either willingly or unintentionally, provided services for people who, like themselves, who live by themselves and who vote for themselves.

It's theirs. Their fair. Basiskele beach, Kavakli coast, Karamursel coast, all of them. They all serve people who have adopted the same way of life.

The Walkway is all of us. Coming, the most radical religious, reactionary associations can use their democratic rights there. Radical religious groups, associations can organize kermes on this road.

Leftist youth also distribute papers on this way, they can make propaganda. Syrian beggars are there too, just to make it out of there. Every kind of people, every sight, every lifestyle, Izmitliler, they walk there in the morning.

Everyone is comfortable on the Walkway. Everyone is free…

There is no such place in any city in the world. You cannot say yol what happens if a tram passes every ten minutes…, you cannot say “If the tram passes that road, then the virginity of that road is disrupted. Then new construction begins. In This is a hundred years since the train passed out, but now you are politically opposed to our tram ses.

Not like that. We understood how valuable and valuable the Walkway was after the train was removed. The spirit of this road is now the soul of Izmit. It is the soul of people who really love this city and who see this city as the most beautiful city in the world. Okay, we are a minority in this city. But I still think we have a say.

I ask a lot, begging, closing my feet. You may not understand how important this road is to this city and to us. But please give us some respect. Don't take a tram or something.

If there is no other option, give up the tram yoksa


Top view of a section of the Izmit Walkway. A long, flat route between the Art School and the Central Bank Bankası On both sides of the historic plane trees. Green perfect tunnel. In many big cities of the world, there are parks and green areas in the size of our city. But no such route, no city. This is the difference of Izmit. This place must be untouchable.


The Walkway is the place of everyone living in this city. On this path, every political opinion has the chance to express itself in every social class. If we had a tram here, wouldn't we have stabbed a dagger on the edge of Izmit?



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