Power from the Sun 19 Exported to the Country

Power from the Sun 19 Exported to the Country: A company in Ankara that produces solar signal traffic signaling and intelligent transportation systems.
Renewable energy sources have gained importance in recent years. kazanThe number of companies that turned to the production of products working with solar energy has also increased.
A Ankara company operating in the field of traffic signaling equipment, yet has an annual history of 3 has achieved a significant export success.
Mehmet Akif Çelik, General Manager of the company operating in İvedik OSB, stated that they have developed projects and products using solar energy, “We are developing traffic signaling and smart transportation systems that work with solar energy in terms of traffic and road safety. In the last 3 years, we have exported to 19 countries including Greece, France, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. ”
Steel, 5 countries in the Central African, Russian and Balkan countries as the new target market said they have determined.
- “Public procurement is important for the industry”
Çelik stated that 80% of the solar energy products such as LED traffic signs, flashers, road buttons are bought by the public in the country and said, “Public institutions such as municipalities, General Directorate of Highways, universities are important for the sector. "The awareness, availability and prevalence of solar energy in the field of traffic and road safety will increase thanks to the tenders to be prepared by these institutions for solar energy systems and the purchases they will make."
- Solar powered systems
Solar-powered signaling systems 3 are collected under the heading.
Intelligent transportation systems include road and weather data and traffic management in the light of new technologies to effectively use road network capacity.
The intelligent intersection management system is known as systems that enable the management of traffic lights by using data such as vehicle density and average vehicle speed at intersections and reduce the average vehicle waiting times by more than 30 percent in intersections.
Solar-powered systems are defined as traffic and road safety-related plug-and-play systems, which usually include LED traffic signs, flashers and road buttons, which do not require electrical or infrastructure labor.
Camera systems, intersection management systems and similar electrical systems can be transformed into solar systems with suitable projects.
In solar systems, solar panels, batteries, regulators and inverters according to the project, while solar batteries are charged and 7 hours of energy is supplied to the systems.

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