Combine Harvesters Traveled East and Southeast on Train Train in Yozgat

Yozgat Harvesters Gone East and Southeast Railway Qatar in Turkey combines the mention of Yozgat from the beginning of the provinces come to mind first Yerkoy workers providing means of harvesting a living in the district, the harvesters to go to the harvest of approaching the eastern and southeastern regions ...

In Turkey, Yozgat harvester, known from the beginning of the provinces come to mind first Yerkoy workers providing livelihood by harvesting in the district, the harvesters moved by installing the train to go to the train approached the eastern and southeastern regions of the harvest season. At the Yerköy Train Station, up to now, the 200 combine harvester has been on its way to the east and south-east regions for grain harvesting.

The owners of the harvester said that they had the harvesters maintained days in advance and completed all preparations. Mehmet Demir, named harvester, stated that they will go to Hatay for harvesting and said, “Every year we hit the road for harvest during these periods. We cultivate cereals in the East and Southeast for 2 months. Since we have been doing this for years, our citizens, whose crops we constantly harvest there, prefer us again. Today, we loaded our combine on the train. We will go by car. I hope we will go and come without any accident. " said.

Yerkoy Chamber of Agriculture President Bahri Yilmaz, said that in terms of combine harvesters district in Turkey in the first place. Yılmaz said, “Our industry in Yerköy is famous for its combine harvester maintenance. Since the repair and maintenance is done in the best way here, they prefer our district from the surrounding provinces. Now, the owners of the combine harvester have completed their final preparations and set out to go east and southeast. Thousands of harvesters from Yerköy and Şefaatli districts will harvest grain in the eastern and southeastern provinces for 2 months. I hope they will have an accident-free harvest period and return to their country again. " he spoke.

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