The problem of signalization on the tramway invites accidents

The problem of signaling on the tramway leads to accidents: An automobile in Atakum district of Samsun survived at the last minute from being under the tram.

The event took place at the Turkish turn at Atakum Alparslar Boulevard. Moving towards the city center from the university direction, the tram stop at the intersection of the Turkish stop 55 RU 474 plate hit the car. The tram stopped after dragging the car. The witnesses of the accident claimed that the traffic lights occurred in the time period when they switched to vehicles. Ahmet Koyuncu (48), who pointed out that there are signaling problems at the intersections on the tram route, X Traffic lights on the line route call for accidents rather than preventing accidents. It doesn't make sense what time it took for whom. Sometimes a few red lights, followed by a very short green light, and the vehicles remain in the middle of a tram crossing. Bazen

In the accident, the car suffered slight damage, but no injury occurred. As a result of the accident at the intersection of traffic intensity occurred.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 13:14

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