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  1. treasure output from the bridge route: 3. The archaeological finds that were seen 'at first sight' on the bridge route were surprised. However, neither the Istanbul Archeology Museum nor the conservation councils have any information about the cultural assets determined in the EIA report prepared to find loans from international financial institutions. During the Marmaray project, many historical artifacts were found in the archaeological excavations carried out by the museum in Yenikapı and the project was extended for 7 years. The museum was disabled due to fear of prolongation of this project.
    They walked 2 kilometers in 26.5 days and…
  2. bridge and route were exempt from EIA report. However, the ICA Consortium, which carries out the construction, needs an EIA report, even if it is foreseen, to obtain credit from international financial institutions. The 13 section of the report prepared by the international consultancy and engineering firm AECOM is the title of Archeology and Cultural Heritage.
    This section was prepared by the Regio Cultural Heritage and Consulting company. Archaeologist Gökhan Mustafaoğlu and Uğur Dağ 2 found striking archaeological data during their observations on the road about 26.5 km. Since most of the route was forested and shrubbery, there was no chance of walking in the entire route. In the conclusion section of the preliminary examination report, he suggested the following: yoğun After the deforestation of the construction sites in cooperation with the Regional Protection Boards, an intensive field investigation should be carried out, and given the archaeological potential of the region, all activities including physical intervention under the supervision of experienced archaeologists must be fulfilled. ''
    Despite the suggestion in the conclusion section of the report, Istanbul Archeology Museum does not know about the works on the North Marmara Motorway. Museum officials said that there is a reference to them. However, in accordance with the law numbered 2863, there is an obligation to stop the construction immediately and inform the nearest museum if any cultural assets are found during the construction activity. However, the contractor firms extend the project and, on the basis of business opening, destroys the cultural assets. For this reason, the Istanbul Archeology Museum should use its authority to inspect road works. The road route passes through the jurisdiction of the separate protection board of 4 in Istanbul. The Board may take the decision of '' should be done under the supervision of the museum '' for these works.
    1 8 8 25 work in the region previously announced on the date of Radical XNUMX March.
    Çatalca and Silivri: İnceğiz Caves, Maltepe Antique Necropolis and Settlement Area (1. Degree archaeological site)
    Silivri: Anastasius Walls (Archaeological site).
    Gaziosmanpaşa and Sultangazi: Kırkçeşme Water Gallery Line.
    Avcilar: Ispartakule Spradon Ancient City (1. And 3. Degree archaeological site).
    Arnavutköy: Grave structure carved into the rock at the Dutlar Mevkii in the village of Şamlar.
    Çatalca İğneağzı: Kartepe (Umurtepe) Cave and Ancient Stone Quarry (1. Degree of natural and 2 degree archaeological site).
    Arnavutköy: Sazlıbosna Filiboz Ruins (1. Degree archaeological site)
    Silivri: Küçükkılıçlı Village Ancient Settlement Area (1. Degree archaeological site).
    Found on
    '' Field marches were carried out in limited parts of Northern Marmara Motorway route. A range of 200 meters was examined. 2, a field archaeologist with extensive knowledge and experience on cultural heritage in field march, infrastructure construction projects, was built by senior archaeologist. Observing the geological and archaeological characteristics of the region, the visible archaeological traces, ceramic fragments, architectural remains, graves, tombs, mounds and mounds were observed and recorded during the field march. ''
    . The areas where the bridges will be built also have a high potential for historical assets. In the literature, there are many historical settlements in these areas, but these settlements have not yet been discovered. One of the hills between Anadolukavağı and Poyrazköy is the temple of Zeus, which is supposed to be on it. The Kibele temple is also mentioned in the literature. An altar dedicated to Cybele was discovered during the Yenikapı excavations. In the light of this information, historical or architectural assets are inevitable in Istanbul, which played a key role in history. ''
    . Many architectural structures and archaeological immovable assets on the project route and impact areas may be under the soil or covered with vegetation. Therefore, after the deforestation phase of the project route, a systematic field investigation should be carried out by experienced archaeological teams on forest areas and shrub areas of the project area. Depending on the results of the investigation, archaeological test pits or rescue excavations may be necessary for further research or conservation of archaeological assets. En
    '' Garipçe construction site and Garipçe Village between the roadside some pottery pieces and tiles were observed. It is thought that there may be a tower or a police station used for the observation of the village and the Bosphorus. The surface finds belong to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.
    Nearly 2.5 km west of Uskumru village, on the construction domain, ceramics and stone blocks of an architectural structure were discovered on the slopes between Tabya Tepe and Mandıra Tepe. Among the ceramics found were green glazed pots. ''
    N 'The main remains of a rectangular building were found at the top end of the Zirve Tepe, 1 km west of the construction corridor. The foundation is constructed of natural stone and its exterior is covered with horosan mortar.
    In Başakşehir, a domed tunnel, probably thought to have been made by human hands, was discovered. The L-shaped remains are descended by a ladder. The dimensions of the building are determined as 0.65 x 10.30 meters and it is very likely that it is a sarcophagus room. ''

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