Yellow Medya updated database with Callpex support

📩 24/11/2018 12:05

Yellow Medya updated its database with Callpex support: Providing digital presence services to brands and SMEs in areas such as local search, digital maps, location-based interaction, Yellow Medya made an important cooperation with Callpex, the dynamic company of the call center industry. In the project carried out, Callpex, with its experienced and professional team, updated Yellow Media's existing database and enabled it to grow with new data.
Yellow Media and call center sector dynamic company Callpex realized a joint project in location based marketing solutions. Yellow Medya updated the company's current company information with Calpex support. The project in which the inactive numbers were quickly cleaned and refreshed by the infrastructure and systems used by Callpex; Yellow Media also provided the opportunity to reach companies and promote their services. Receiving valuable feedback on solution alternatives and achieving close communication with a broader target customer base, Yellow Medya has increased its profitability by acquiring new sales opportunities.
Keeping up-to-date data on large and dynamic markets very important
Yellow Media General Manager Semin Özmoralı, who gave information about the need to cooperate with the project, said: “Our company guide with over 3,5 million visitors monthly’de There are over 840 thousand workplace data. Both maintaining the current level of this database and increasing the volume of data requires a lot of effort. Especially large and workplace data in dynamic markets such as Turkey, is increasing very rapidly and changing. As an institution, we always strive to keep up with this speed and keep our data up to date. Based on the dynamics of the market, we have expanded our local search team within our organization, while also seeking a flexible and expert additional resource. We decided to work with Callpex, which meets all the expected criteria. A new update team was created on the Callpex roof. On the other hand, the Callpex - Yellow Media sales team made an external search for businesses that wanted to display and customize their pages in our Yellow Pages online company directory, and managed product sales processes by providing information about this service.
Operation started quickly and effectively with the support of the Callpex team
Özmoralı stated that they are planning to expand their operations step by step and said: Öz We started the project with two separate teams for data update and sales. These teams are from Yellow Media Team Leaders; One week they received on-the-job training at Yellow Media office and one week at Callpex. The operation began quickly with the support of the Callpex team. Our team leaders and the Callpex team worked together in the whole process. Ekip
Thanks to Callpex, we have achieved new business opportunities!
Noting the importance of the added value provided by the project, Özmoralı said: The inaccurate numbers were quickly and effectively cleared by the infrastructure and systems used by Callpex. We had the opportunity to reach the companies and promote our services in searches made for sales and promotional purposes. We received invaluable feedback about our services, we had a closer contact with a wider target audience. As a natural result of all this, we have achieved new sales opportunities and evaluated these opportunities. Tüm
”Working with an experienced and professional team gives confidence“
Özmoralı, who stated that they have achieved a very satisfactory performance with the manual automation of the works to be performed, explained why Callpex solutions are preferred in the project: bir Callpex is managed by a very experienced and professional staff. This was the first reassuring element for us. We were impressed by the fact that they approach their customers with the logic of the partner, and that they are on the same side of the table. It is very easy to make a choice because they are very efficient and equipped. With the start of the projects, the harmony between the teams also affected us. Veri Özmoralı stressed that they could work with the Callpex team in the short term to expand the existing teams and in the future, in the rich data collection projects.
Callpex General Manager Metin Tarakçı stated that they are happy to meet with Yellow Medya in a successful project and said uk We have an experienced and professional staff. We build good empathy with our customers and provide efficient, flexible, compliant and result-oriented solutions. Our competence in technology and team spirit make us different. Teknoloji


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