Radio Traffic: Traffic Accidents in Ankara Increases Sales

Radio Traffic: Increased Sales of Traffic Accidents in Ankara: The lack of snowfall in Ankara prevented a significant increase in the number of accidents. In January and February, the accident rate decreased with the early arrival of spring. However, the number of accidents in the winter months has increased, albeit slightly.
Highest Accident Rate in December
According to the Radio Traffic News Center, a total 633 traffic accident occurred in December. The 595 of these accidents was a traffic accident. Most accidents occurred between 10.00 - 17.00 and 17.00 - 00.00.
Low snowfall in December prevented the increase in traffic accidents.
The majority of the accidents were damaged, but the second was injured accidents. 30 injury and 8 loss of life occurred in December.
Increased Number of Injured Accidents in January
A total of 601 traffic accidents occurred in January. The 547 of these accidents was a traffic accident. Most crashes have reached Radio Traffic News Center between 10.00 - 17.00 and 17.00 - 00.00.
In January, an 40 injured traffic accident occurred while the road was usually in fluent accidents during the hours. In addition, the number of casualties was also increased in January compared to December.
Injured Accident and Mortality Rate in February
A total 466 traffic accident occurred in February. The 442 of these accidents was recorded as a damaged traffic accident. Most accidents occurred between 10.00 - 17.00 and 17.00 - 24.00.
With the early arrival of the spring and the decrease in precipitation, there was no increase in the rate of damaged accidents. As always, however, a large number of traffic accidents occurred during the hours when traffic was relieved in February.
3 1700 Accident Occurs Monthly!
Weather temperatures over seasonal normals also prevented the increase in traffic accidents. A total of 1700 traffic accidents occurred in December, January and February, while the 1584 of these accidents were damaged, the 89 was injured, and the 27 was recorded as a fatal accident. The number of accidents decreased in January and February compared to December.
Comparison of Istanbul and Ankara Accident Rates
A total of 5788 traffic accidents occurred in Istanbul and Ankara. In terms of total accident rates, Istanbul's accident rate was% 71 and% 29 in Ankara. Considering the number of vehicles in Istanbul and Ankara, it is clear that traffic accidents are a big problem in Ankara.
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