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Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects
Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects

High Speed ​​Train effect on the economy: With the transition to High Speed ​​Train activity between Eskişehir and Istanbul, economic opportunities and the number of tourism will increase in Eskişehir. With the activation of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, which will reduce the transportation between Eskişehir and Istanbul to 1,5-2 hours, it is expected that the industrial investments, economic opportunities and the increase in the number of tourists in Eskşehir will positively affect the city's economy.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President War Özaydemir, AA correspondent, according to the first time in 1825 in a number of other major countries of the arrival of the starting rail transport Anatolia England in the world is premature, said: In 1856, met with the railways of Turkey from that day to this day He emphasized that it is one of the rare countries that switched from steam locomotive to high speed train.

Opened in for the first time in Turkey Eskisehir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train the most important part of the Eskisehir-Istanbul timely completion of the section between that at the beginning of the biggest requests expressing Özaydemir, said:

“We hope that this service, which will play a critical role in the increase of industrial investments in Eskişehir, will be put into service this year as expected. The High Speed ​​Train investment between Eskişehir and Ankara, which was put into service at the beginning of 2009, also contributes significantly to the increase in our regional industrial and commercial power. With the second part of the high-speed train between Eskişehir and Istanbul coming into service in the period designed in 2014, the economic contribution of the railway to our city will be realized in real terms. Especially in the recent period, the recommendations of important institutions for shifting the current industry, such as Izmit and Adapazarı, to the surrounding provinces, especially Eskişehir, will gain a more important basis with the commissioning of the high-speed train. "

Production will go to Eskişehir instead of Istanbul

Özaydemir stated that the transportation time between Eskişehir and Istanbul will be reduced to 2 hours with the activation of the high-speed train, and in this respect Eskişehir will become a suburb of Istanbul.

Indicating that most of the new industrial investments are expected to shift to the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) due to the fact that the infrastructure facilities offered to investors are complete and cheap, Özaydemir said, “As a matter of fact, some of the medium-sized companies that produce in Istanbul in recent years They prefer OIZ and are planning to direct their production in Istanbul to Eskişehir over time ”.

Turkey High Speed ​​Rail Map

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