Ordu Peripheral Road Full Gas

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

Ordu Ring Road Full Gas: The construction of the Ordu Ring Road, which has been in operation since 2007 in Ordu and laid the foundation for 1.5 years ago, continues unabated.
The work on the ring road, the total length of which is 19 km and the 6.5 km of which is formed by tunnels, runs 'full path'. The construction of Civil Deresi intersections and viaducts is still underway.
After leaving the Akçaova River and passing through the tunnel beneath Boztepe, Ordu Peripheral Road passes through the Civil Stream and the Melet River, and continues to the Black Sea Coastal Road at Turnasuyu site, continuing from Ordu University. There are 6 junctions on the Gindsgah, which include the intersection of Boztepe, the Bus Terminal, Ulubey, Sanayi, Melet and the University (East). Ordu city crossing, which is still up to 45 minutes, will be reduced to 15 minutes when the ring road becomes operational.
Governor of Ordu Kenan Çiftçi went to the building site to examine the work of the ring road works and received information from the authorities. Governor Farmer examining the construction of the viaduct then received a briefing here, gave the following information: "ring-road project in Turkey and one of the Army's major prestige project. On this road, we have 3 tunnels passing through Boztepe, Öceli and Terzili villages. The Boztepe tunnel is 3 meters, the Öceli Tunnel is 310 thousand 2 meters, and the Terzili Tunnel is 19 meters. Two km of Boztepe tunnel right and left tubes are over, 180 km is left. Thank goodness we saw the light in Öceli Tunnel. The tunnel was opened and cleaning and concreting works are carried out. The work in the tailor's tunnel will start from the entry point in the coming days. There are two viaducts on the route, which will cross the valley of Melet, one thousand 2 meters and the length of the Civil River which will cross the valley of 1 meters. In addition, there are 178 overpasses with a total length of 785 meters and 180 underpasses with a length of 3 meters on the route. We were thinking of completing part of this route and putting it into service by the end of the year. However, a bad ground was found in Boztepe tunnel. It may delay a little there. However, the works on our ring road continue with enthusiasm and excitement. ”
Meanwhile, expropriation of the lands on the ring road will begin next month. Authorities, Thursday intersection connection road, Ulubey intersection connection road, bus terminal intersection, Terzili tunnel, Industry intersection, revised expropriation plans were prepared, and after the zoning plans were taken from the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu, they were sent to the General Directorate of Highways together with the expropriation plans. They noted that the 'There is Public Benefit' decision is expected. Authorities stated that after this decision was taken, the General Directorate of Highways will take an expropriation decision and negotiations will begin with the landowners after these procedures.

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