Failure to Finish Soma Ring Road Victims Tradesmen and District Residents

The Failure to Finish the Soma Ring Road Victims Tradesmen and District Residents: CHP Manisa Deputy Sakine Öz said that the lack of completion of the ring road in the Soma district for a long time severely aggrieved the tradesmen and district residents. Oz argued that if urgent funds are not allocated, the transportation in Soma will be left to another spring.
Öz, who conveyed the demands of the tradesmen to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, noted that thousands of heavy vehicles had to pass through the center of Soma as the ring road was abandoned due to the lack of funds. In his parliamentary question, Sakine Öz said, "The failure of the Soma ring road to be put into service causes heavy vehicles to pass through the city center, and it victimizes both tradesmen and craftsmen, transporters and servants, merchants and industrialists as well as our employees in the mining sector and our citizens living in Soma." used the expression. Öz asked why the construction of the Soma ring road was not completed and why the allowances allocated to Soma decreased in 2014. CHP Deputy Öz, who asked Minister Elvan for the amount of allowance required for the completion of the Soma ring road and when the road will be put into service, demanded that the work carried out between Soma Municipality and Manisa Governorate and Regional Directorate of Highways for the Soma ring road did not give definite results.

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