Reconstruction of traffic signaling lights on the Malatya ring road

Traffic signaling lights in the Malatya ring road to be rearranged: Traffic light on the road to the traffic signaling that says the lights Murat Dere, Turgut Temelli Street lower intersection of the ring road in the middle of the lights did not work because of the long vehicle queues, he said.
Murat Dere, who said that when the red light turns on the vehicles coming from Turgut Temelli Street to the ring road, the vehicles waiting on the Ring road in the direction of Malatya - Elazığ highway after 15-20 seconds, Murat Dere said that there are long vehicle queues on the ring road and also because the vehicles are in working condition, He stressed that there is also harm to wealth.
Murat Dere said, “The responsible institution should resolve the problem, ığ said Murat Dere, who stated that the traffic problem occurred in the mentioned place at the end of the work and that the institutions and organizations threw the ball to each other although they convey the issue to the safety traffic, highways and Malatya Municipality.
It was suggested that the traffic signaling light time imbalance on the ring road was also at the junction of Beydağı State Hospital.
The related and competent body was asked to deal with the issue and to resolve the issue.


Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:12

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