Highways Teams Launch Work in Refugees

Highways Teams Launched in Refugees: Hakkari Highways 114. The Branch Chiefship has launched the study to complete the missing lands in the middle refuges located on the Hakkari-Van highway.
Workers who were hired by the Employment Agency temporarily on the highways, Hakkari 114. They started their duties in the Branch Chief. With the arrival of the spring months, the highways teams started to work in the central refuges, clearing the front of the saplings in the middle refuges and clearing the rubbish there. Workers filling the gaps in the middle refuges with soil continued their work until the 5 kilometer area from Dağgöl Neighborhood, from the Relationship to the District of Sancar and Hakkari-Van highway.
Highways officials, by the Employment Agency 3 months to work on the road under the supervision of temporary workers in the middle refuges of spring cleaning said they started.

📩 24/11/2018 12:06

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