Estram Search and Rescue Team Technical Training (Photo Gallery)

Technical Training for the Estram Search and Rescue Team: Eskişehir Light Rail System Facility (ESTRAM) Search and Rescue Team was given training on intervention to traffic accidents, wounded rescue, stretcher and height working techniques.

Urban Search and Rescue Training and Debris Drill was conducted by the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) Eskişehir Team with the support of Tepebaşı Municipality. ESTRAM Search and Rescue Team Leader Erdal Atabek, who made statements about the training attended by AKUT teams from 8 different regions and the ESTRAM Search and Rescue Team, participated in the Urban Search Rescue Training and Debris Exercise of the team consisting of 2014 volunteer staff established in 6. He stated that he participated. Stating that the personnel participating in the first level training are given information about emergency logistics, hammer, breaker and breakers, basic breaking drilling techniques and information, Atabek said that the second level participants were given trainings on wreck approach techniques, clean lid opening and narrow space operations.

Atabek also stated that the AKUT Team and ESTRAM Search and Rescue Team will continue their training in the wells to be carried out in May, and they will be able to participate in the training and exercise organized by AKUT in June in Kocaeli.

The number of participants in the ESTRAM Search and Rescue Team is increasing day by day. Erdal Atabek added that the trainings given by the AKUT Eskişehir Team to the new volunteers are continuing uninterruptedly.

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  1. Very nice work, congratulations! Reminder / warning: the most urgent need in the wheeled TRAM collisions with pedestrians is fixed by experience; is a large section heavy duty hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic equipment. For every public transport in TRAM, it is inevitable that the fire brigade in the city should be a necessity.