Connecting Eskişehir OIZ to Hasanbey Logistics Center

Connecting Eskişehir OSB to Hasanbey Logistics Center: ESO President Özaydemir “Our goal is to ship the goods at a cheap price, one third cheaper than the railway.” said.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) President Savaş Özaydemir said, “Our goal is to send the goods cheaply, one third cheaper than the railway highway.” Özaydemir made evaluations about the agenda at the end of the publicity meeting of a competition held at ESO and answered the questions of journalists.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), Hasanbey Logistics Center to the 7-kilometer railway connecting the Özaydemir on the question is at what stage of the work, reminding about the project protocol they signed, stating that continuing negotiations. Özaydemir stated that they are in contact with the project partners and that they are expecting a specification as a result of their meeting, and said:

“There is a task we undertake in the study. Bring the railways in front of your eyes, we'll make the bottom of those gravels, and they will do the gravel tracks. Therefore, how often and at what level the bottom will be will give the technical specifications of those projects so that we can evaluate them. I guess we will get this in a few days. We will start working as soon as we receive it. We gave it a while, we have 4 months. We have 4 months after these are delivered. As we guess, we do it in a period of 2 months. It is not less than 7 kilometers but a straight line. We will fill in a little, we have a badger crossing bridge, and there is a water channel crossing next to our organization, they can take some time. Apart from that, there is no problem, we prepared the budget for all of them. ” Özaydemir said, "Can the project change the life of Eskişehir?" Said that their aim is not to change the life of Eskişehir. Özaydemir said, “Our goal is to ship the goods cheaply, one-third cheaper than the railway highway”. 'Also roll a pair of scissors into the factory.' They will surely be in time ”.




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