'Pink Metrobus' cure to your scream

The 'Pink Metrobus' cure for the scream to gather your legs: A campaign was launched with the names 'occupy my place' and 'gather your legs' on social media. While the screams of women who are uncomfortable with the way men sit in public transport are increasing, the "pink metrobus for women" campaigns launched in 2012 bring to mind the questions that will remedy this situation. Eyes are now turned to IMM.

Saadet Party launched a petition and prepared projects to find support for the "pink metrobus for women" project, which it proposed against harassment in public transportation vehicles in 2012. Nagihan Gül Asiltürk, a member of the Provincial Women's Branch, stated that their campaigns were not ideological, and that similar practices were also found in Russia and Japan, and submitted the signatures they collected to the Metropolitan Municipality. Now, this scream of women brings to mind the question of whether there will be "pink metrobus for women", but "pink public transport for women".

The scream of women in social media

In the campaign launched on Twitter with the hashtag # yerimiişgaletme, # legstopla, where women mostly support on social media, photos showing how men disturb women in public transportation vehicles such as metrobus, bus, subway are shared and reveals the gravity of the situation.

Women who are stuck in public transport because of men sitting with their legs spread open share their photos on Twitter. There's more and more support for the hashtags # place my occupation and # get your legs up.


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