BORAJET Airlines Chooses Summer Season Cabin Crew Clothing

BORAJET Airlines Selects Summer Season Cabin Crew Outfits: The final of the in-cab outfit design competition organized by BORAJET Airlines and Istanbul Bilgi University was held on Monday evening in April. Important names from the business and art world, especially in the aviation industry, participated in the event, and the stylish and remarkable designs of Istanbul Bilgi University Fashion Design Department students competed.
Under the cooperation of BORAJET Airlines and Istanbul Bilgi University, the winner of the project, which provided young people with a great opportunity in their future career, was chosen by the jury presided over by the famous fashion designer Tuvana Buyukcinar. Beliz Abat became the student of great acclaimed designs.
Yasemin Ahıskalı, Executive Board Member in charge of Corporate Communication and Marketing, made a short statement within the scope of the project. BOR As BORAJET, we are very happy to have prepared an opportunity for young people to share their designs and to announce to the masses. As a company, we adopt an approach that invests and creates opportunities for young people who are our future. I would like to thank Tuvana Büyükçınar, İstanbul Bilgi University and all BİLGİ Fashion students who participated in the competition for their outstanding contribution to the project. Proj



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