3. First project draft at the airport (Photo Gallery)

  1. The first project draft is ready at the airport: The first project draft of the third airport, which has not yet started in Istanbul, has been prepared.

The first project drafts of the third airport in Istanbul, which is not yet under construction, were shared. The details of the project, which is known as 'Istanbul Grand Airport' in the international press, are as follows;

  1. Airport's first project draft was prepared

3 prepared in cooperation with Grimshaw, Nordic and Haptic Architects. The airport project is located on the Black Sea coast, at a distance of 35 to the city center. At the airport built by the Masterplan Arup, the total 6 runway will take place.

According to the news of Karissa Rosenfield from Archdaily, the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 2018, serving 90 million passengers a year. After all stages are completed, it is stated that the total capacity of the airport will reach 150 million passengers a year. That project will be a great success and a turning point for Turkey's future drafts

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