Havaş lifts obstacles for unobstructed journeys

Havas is removing obstacles for unobstructed journeys: Turkey's deep-rooted ground services company Havas, hearing and speech impaired passengers to respond to the demands of remote and direct access to information "Barrier Post" launched the project. Passengers who will travel with the or Barrier-Free Message tik can ask their message about Havaş services by message and answer the related subject after the classification process in the centers.
Director General of Havas Nurzat Erkal, "according to a survey by the Presidency Administration for Disabled People's finally done disabilities constitute 12,29 per cent of the population in Turkey. Orthopedic, visual, hearing, language and speech impaired people take an important place in this ratio. The research reveals that 68% of individuals with disabilities in general do not have any disability-related regulations in their environment. Moving from this point, we are working to make their travels the most comfortable for our passengers. We will provide feedback to our disabled passengers who send SMS with the “Barrier-Free Message” application in accordance with the ISO 10002: 2004 standard. "We will continue to act with our priority, your satisfaction," he said.
Havaş aims to contribute to increasing the standard of travel of disabled passengers with the hedef Barrier-Free Message Hav application. The bir Barrier-Free Message, project, which sets out from the idea that mobile phones are the most important elements that facilitate the lives of people with hearing and speech disabilities, enables disabled citizens to share their complaints and suggestions with a message, and even organize their travels. In order to benefit from the application, disabled citizens need to use the “Unblocked Message Platform lar tariff of Türk Telekom.


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 11:29

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