Havas Grows Twofold at Istanbul Airport

Havas Istanbul Airport
Havas Istanbul Airport

Havas of the most important brands in the aviation sector in Turkey, the total 40.000 square meters finds stations and temporary storage buildings with indoor and outdoor space, serviced offices, at Istanbul Airport with equipment maintenance workshops and parking areas will offer services in the new facility.

Havas, a well-established ground services company operating in the aviation industry since 1933, started its operations in Istanbul Airport, where it doubled its capacity and started to work in temporary storage facilities, office areas, equipment maintenance workshops and parking areas. Havas, which transports 30 ground handling equipment to its new facilities in 186 truck with its 604 hourly moving operation from its facilities at Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport, is located on an area of ​​approximately 20.000 square meters with its closed area of ​​40.000 square meters at Istanbul Airport.

Havaş General Manager Kürşad Koçak said,'n We moved from our facilities at Atatürk Airport to our new service buildings at Istanbul Airport, in the context of the big transportation that has taken place recently. The foundations of Turkish Civil Aviation were laid with Atatürk Airport and I believe that Istanbul Airport will make significant contributions by opening new horizons for our country and sector. In parallel with the increase in capacity with the transition to Istanbul Airport, we have invested more than 21 million Euros for our new facilities so far. Our new temporary storage building was constructed twice as large as our warehouses at Atatürk Airport. Our station building, equipment maintenance workshop and park areas were designed at a higher capacity than our operating areas at Atatürk Airport. We currently serve 200 airlines at our Istanbul Airport with a thousand employees of 45. We will continue to be our preferred business partner by developing our cooperations at our new headquarters in Istanbul Airport. İstanbul

Havaş, which has provided services in the area of ​​28.000 near the square meters in its facilities in Atatürk Airport, has been operating in Istanbul Airport at 40.000 square meters. In addition, 7.400 in the Atatürk Airport provides service to its customers in its new facility, 14.500 square meter, where it has doubled its temporary storage space capacity of one square meter.

Havas, in 28 airports in Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in Riga offers services to more than 200 airline in Madinah Airport in Latvia. Main activities include; Havaş, which has passenger and baggage operations, ramps, aircraft cleaning, load control and communication, cargo and mail, flight operations, transportation, representation and surveillance services, provides services to approximately 465 thousand flights annually along with its subsidiaries, and 860 100 million tons with a thousand tons of cargo. 130 offers more than 1 million passengers a year by carrying excess baggage. Havaş, who is a member of IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC) and ISAGO certified by the Airport Service Association (ASA), is also the first Turkish company to be licensed as ground handling services in Saudi Arabia.

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