Halic Metro starts dynamic test drive

Haliç Metro starts its dynamic test drive: 15 Test starts on Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which is planned to be opened in February.
Istanbul in the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Anatolian and European Istanbul Metro in the collar and the Marmaray 2 collar will bring together and 15 February opening service on 2014 planned Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, it said dynamic test drives will start. Signal tests will be held, 3 between February 13 February 2014 date, Şişhane-Hacıosman hours of train service on Metro Line 23: 30 in stating that ended, "In this context 3 February 13 February 2014 between Metro services on weekdays and Saturdays 06.00-23.30 and Sundays are arranged to be between 09.00-22.30 hours. IETT also regularly launches bus services on the Şişhane-Hacıosman route in order to prevent any inconvenience of the passengers during the study.

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