The new trolleys of the region have paid 76 million losses

The new trams 76 has suffered a million-dollar loss: 15 has lost its tram money. 76 million damage Metropolitan Municipality, 104 million 700 thousand euros from Czech Republic last year, 60 76 new trolley because of the increase in foreign currency has lost 2,34 million TL. Euro on the date of the contract 11 TL, 3 TL has passed the XNUMX TL per month.
Metropolitan Municipality, 60 took delivery of the new tram 4. However, the increase in Euro amounted to TL 1 million (trillion) TL loss to the Konya Metropolitan Municipality. 76 4 thousand euros in the contract for the cost of the 2013 new tram was costly to the Metropolitan Municipality. The 'last model' trams from the Czechs have cost millions of pounds without going into use.
At the time of the contract, the cost of 60 new tram was 244 million 988 thousand TL with Turkish Lira. 11 months later this figure 321 million 429 thousand thousand TL. With the last increase in the currency, the Metropolitan Municipality 76 has suffered million losses. RAYDER Deputy Chairman Ahmet Gök, Konya's multi-directional loss, said: ın Konya did not suffer only because of the increase in exchange rates. Konya industry has also suffered. Domestic production should be promoted on the tram. Tram

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