Iron Barriers Prevented Train Disaster in Kırıkkale

Iron Barriers Prevented the Train Disaster in Kırıkkale: In the traffic accident that occurred in Kırıkkale, a group of 4 friends escaped from being under the train thanks to iron barriers.
The advertisement sign, which was hit by the vehicle, whose driver was alleged to be alcoholic, crossed the iron barriers and remained under the moving freight train. 4 people were injured as a result of the overturning of the car in the accident. The car with 06 RFH 77 plate under the administration of Hakkı Özdiker hit the billboards on the roadside at Samsun Boulevard Industry Sub Junction. hurtling vehicle due to the impact, on its side after damage to the guard rail of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey.
In the accident, the driver stuck in the vehicle Özdiker Serkan Sener, Suat Sari and Halil Baykal, called to the scene by the fire brigades of the Municipality of Kırıkkale was removed from where they were. 4 people were called to the scene by 112 Emergency Service teams Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine and specialized hospitals. It was learned that the wounded were not life-threatening. Parts of the billboards scattered on the train tracks during the accident were removed by police teams.


Günceleme: 26/02/2019 18:09

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