Akcaabat Cable Car

Akcaabat Ropeway: Independent Turkey Party (BTP) candidate Akcaabat Mayor Muharrem Bayraktar, important statements made in Akcaabat which continued the work of selection. Bayraktar stated that they are a project party and said edik We have no time to deal with rumors. Day-night 'What can we do for Akcaabat' we think, "he said.

Bayraktar stated that they will establish a ropeway to Akcaabat. Ye Another project will be belirten Akçaabat Cable Car Line ele which will extend from the coast to Hıdırnebi. With the ropeway we will build, we will first reach Hıdırnebi from Şehitlik Hill in Santaş neighborhood. Akcaabat's enormous landscape, green, sea will be presented to everyone's course. Thousands of people from the surrounding cities, Trabzon, Giresun, Rize, Bayburt and Gumushane will bring big money to the economy and trades of Akcaabat. We think big, we're looking for big performances. With our gossip, we don't have a fight. I want to vote for the business of maple trees.