Salih Koca: SSK tram line should not stop this much

Salih Koca: The SSK tram line should not stop this long: AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Salih Koca claimed that the traffic problem in the city was experienced due to the Metropolitan Municipality's inability to fulfill its responsibilities.
AK Party deputy Eskişehir Salih Husband, the problem of traffic in the city, the Metropolitan Municipality because it failed to fulfill their own claims claimed.
Speaking from the People's Day organized by his party, Deputy Husband made statements on various topics. Expressing that they will receive the Metropolitan Municipality in local elections, Koca said that Metropolitan candidates support Harun Karacan's statements that “we will solve the traffic in 1 year”.
The husband said, in I hope we will be successful in these elections.
In this period, together with the metropolitan municipality, we will bring the opportunities of power to Eskişehir more. I believe that we will bring service items together with metropolitan areas to much higher numbers. When the works of the opposition party candidates were examined, they did not have any jobs left by them and they started to explain the works that the State Railways had done. So our candidates are stable. The most important problem in this city, the traffic problem was made about the necessary explanations. Serious steps are being taken to solve this problem. In the understanding of AK Party municipalism, we believe that a management approach governing the city in harmony with all the elements of the city will prevail. AK
Evaluating the stopping of tram lines for the 40 day on the SSK tram line, MP Koca said:
X The working process of the State Railways 15-20 days. When we shut down this time, other studies related to the translation of the Metropolitan Municipality. Technically, there are subway-related work on the 15-20 day when the trams will continue from the current line, only the lines of the 20 meters can combine the distance. This also takes 2-3 days. This work can be completed without exhausting the citizens here. If the 40 is waiting here for a day, this is a problem with the metropolitan. This is not a problem arising from the State Railways or us. We think that writing in this way is not true. We've said it many times, the city's traffic problem is not just in the area of ​​the station bridge. There are four points in the city. Unfortunately, this problem is not taken due to the necessary measures, the necessary boulevards are not opened, that is, the metropolitan municipality can not fulfill enough of its own. Harun Karacan, 'We solve the city's traffic problems in 1 years' statement, we believe that serious steps will be taken in this area can solve this problem. Har
They also exchanged information about the silos to be built in Sivrihisar and Kaymaz.
Approximately half of the 50 thousand tons in Sivrihisar. Approximately 15 million pounds is a very modern purchasing system with a high capacity of investment. The tender was done, the site was determined, construction started. The same firm will do both in Kaymaz and in Sivrihisar. There are no problems with the silos Sil.

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