Distance between Sivas and Divriği 3 hours shortened

Distance between Sivas and Divriği 3 hours shortened: National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, the Sivas-Divrigi line starting with the Anatolian sets and Divriği will be easier to reach the transportation, said: "We have brought closer to Sivas Divriği these sets," he said.
Yilmaz, who came to Divrigi from Sivas after the trial expeditions, told in Divriği Station that transportation between Sivas-Divrigi, which lasted for 5 hours by train, was reduced to 2 hours by means of Raybüs flights.
Yilmaz, who draws attention to the comfort in the domestic production Anatolian sets, said:
. You can travel by bus or car, but you cannot have tea on the bus, you cannot sit on the minibus, but you can chat in these cars (Raybüs) by drinking tea. With these sets, we brought Divrigi closer to Sivas. Demirağların (Nuri Demirağ and his family) woven with this network during the period of our government by knitting the iron network we started Raybüs. May Allah bestow on his journey without fault. Allah
Referring to the work done in Divriği Yilmaz, in the district water solution to solve the problem of the 30 kilometers, even the pipe is laid, the rest will be finished this year, he said.
Sivas-Kangal highway, the 15 kilometer part is completed, the remaining part of the road will continue to work in the season, indicating that Yilmaz, "Bitirilmez called the end of the way Arapgir, only a tunnel section remained. He's at the end of it. God willing, Divriği'e services will continue, İn he said.
Minister Yilmaz and AK Party Sivas deputy Hilmi Bilgin, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mehmet Habib Soluk, TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman and other officials, including Raybüs, Divriği Station after the ceremony moved to Sivas.

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