Training Seminar on the Corporate and Legal Framework of the Railway

Institutional and Legal Framework of the Railroad Training Seminar: Railway Transportation Association (DTD), which is the first and only non-governmental organization in the railway sector, begins its 2014 Training in 15 in February.
Our first seminar Kurumsal The institutional and legal framework of the railway İlk
This training series, which will provide cognitive gains at the conceptual and functional level of the components of the railway, will take the participants one step further in the railway sector and the institution they work in. Demir
Within the DTD Academy, there will be seven consecutive and complementary seminars in the program we will develop this year.
Participants can participate in all seminars as well as participate individually on topics of interest. In this framework, after each seminar, participants will be given a "PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE" of that seminar.
At the end of the seven seminars in the Training Program, the participants will be entitled to receive the “EXECUTIVE ACADEMY GRADUATE CERTIFICATE”.
The detailed information and application form for the first training seminar on the esi Institutional and Legal Framework of the Railroad hakkında will be attached to 15 February 2014.
Date: 15 February 2014 Saturday
Location: BY OTELL Hotel İstanbul Seconds Ermutlu Sok. No: 3 Kozyatağı - ISTANBUL
Number of Participants: 50
Participation Fee: 250 TL (Meals, Meals and VAT included)
DTD Training Announcement -22.01.2014 hours 15.00




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