Intercity Railways

Trained trains in Manisa and Kahramanmaraş

Trained trains in Manisa and Kahramanmaraş: he set train cars in a level crossing in Manisa and Kahramanmaraş. 5 injured in Kahramanmaraş, the driver in Manisa was lucky MANİSA Salihli district crossing in the accident occurred in the train hit the driver of the minibus wound wound [more…]

01 Adana

Varda Bridge was the gate of income

Varda Bridge was the gate of income: The bridge, known as the bulunan Big Bridge “by the local people in the village of Hacikiri (Kiralan) in the central Karaisali district, is also known as the German bridge because it was built by the Germans. Steel Mesh Stone Knitting [more…]

38 Kayseri

Mount Erciyes Ski Resort filled with snow

Mount Erciyes Ski Center was full of snow: Ski slopes of Mount Erciyes in Turkey's major ski resorts, snow-filled weekend oil. It has been reported that the snow thickness in the ski center has reached 1 meters. Winter season and the opening of the ski season [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkaya ski resort attracts great interest during the half-term holiday

Kartalkaya ski center is seeing great interest in the semester holidays: One of the important winter tourism centers of Turkey Kartalkaya, semester break due to seeing great interest from citizens. Citizens who know the opportunity of the semester, the snow thickness is 70 centimeters Kartalkaya Kayak [more…]

16 Bursa

Spring break in Uludağ: Snow thickness increases

Uludağda termtime abundance: a winter semester holidays in ski resorts in Turkey who artıyor.kurak snow came thick lush. Snow in the last days of snowfall in the region of the snow zone 25 centimeter reached. Ski and winter tourism [more…]

25 Erzurum

Aslı Nemutlu case rejection request rejected

Aslı Nemutlu case rejection request was denied: Erzurum's Konakli Ski Center 2 years ago, while training and falling to the wooden curtains hit the 17-age national skier Aslı Nemutlu case who rejected the demand for denial of the judge, was not accepted. [more…]

konya logistics center

Konya will be Connected to the Sea by Rail

Konya Logistics Center will be connected to the sea through Konya rails: AK Party Konya Provincial Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, 'Ring Road Project and Logistics Center Project with our industrialists will win, farmers will win, our producer will win. In short, Konya and our country will win 'he said. [more…]


RayHaber 28.01.2014 Tender Bulletin

Combined Canal Opening and Cleaning Machine Reception Cleaning service procurement work Complete Renovation of Haydarpaşa Gar Building Work Cleaning Disinfection Reception Estimation and Deployment Services will be taken Machine Mounted Rail Butt Welding Service (Beyoğlu-Fevzipaşa-Taşoluk) [more…]

Map of Marmaray
34 Istanbul

IETT opens new lines to Marmaray

IETT opened new lines integrated to Marmaray: IETT opened new lines in the new line at 5 which was commissioned just before the opening of Marmaray. In order to ensure the integration of Marmaray with other public transportation vehicles, IETT was put into service just before the opening of Marmaray. [more…]