30 Hakkari

Hakkari Winter Sports Candidate

Hakkari Winter Sports Center To Be Nominated: Year 7 month mountains covered with snow, which therefore winter sports terms of Hakkari have a significant potential, potential to be one of Turkey's most popular winter tourism centers. A period in the mountains [more…]

65 Van

Abalı Ski Center is getting an ambulance

Abalı Ski Center Gets Ambulance: Van Provincial Health Director Dr. Bilal Acar stated that they will lay the foundations of the Oral and Dental Hospital this year and said, "Two separate ambulances will be purchased to be used in the Van Sea and Abalı Ski Center." Dr. [more…]

34 Istanbul

ISPARK says park at 3 TL and continue

İSPARK says park for 3 TL and continue: İSPARK says 'Park and Continue' to the citizens with a parking lot of 500 thousand vehicles, 500 in Kazlıçeşme and 2 in Kartal. İSPARK is in Kazlıçeşme with a thousand 500 and in Kartal [more…]

35 Izmir

Tape recordings of port operations and interesting dialogues

Tape recordings of the port operation and interesting dialogues: Interesting dialogues were reflected in the wiretapping of the police during the corruption operation against the port enterprises in Izmir. It was determined that various pseudonyms were used in the tender dossiers, such as "invitations" and "covanni" for those who received money. 'Imbat in Izmir [more…]

7 Russia

Moscow Monorail line 5,5 carried million people

The Moscow Monorail line carried 5,5 million people: It was reported that the number of passengers on the Moscow monorail line increased by 2013% in 21,9, reaching 5,5 million people. According to the press service of the Moscow Metro, the increase in passenger numbers in 2013 was the main [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kadıköy Private Security Violence in Kartal Metro

Kadıköy Private security violence in Kartal Metro:Kadıköy- Private security guards intervened the university students who put stickers on the pictures of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the subways on the eagle line. Citizens in the subway also reacted to the harsh intervention of security guards. Civil Solidarity Platform [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Station Fire Management Defective

Administration Faulty in Haydarpaşa Train Station Fire: The reasoned decision of the fire that broke out in Haydarpaşa Train Station in 2010 was announced. According to the decision, the administration, which has not repaired the roof for 84 years, was also found to be faulty. In the reasoned decision of the case filed about the fire in Haydarpaşa Train Station, the roof [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro to the sites

The promise of subway to Ankara Sites: Stating that 3 works were carried out for the metro line planned to be built between Kızılay and Esenboğa Airport, Gökçek said, “The line passing through Hacı Bayram and Siteler on which I stand. When we see our Prime Minister, we have to say 'we want the third project', ”he said. Ankara [more…]