34 Istanbul

World's Oldest Second Metro Tunnel 139. aged

The World's Second Oldest Subway Tunnel 139. Years. General Manager of IETT Baraçlı: "The Tunnel, not only in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the most valuable brands" "Taksim and Kabatas funicular system complete the construction of the tunnel in Istanbul [more…]

asia development bank will open to the world
94 Afghanistan

Asian Development Bank to open Tajikistan to the world

The Asian Development Bank was the coordinator of the construction of the Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan railway line project. The representative of the Bank, Dushanbe Si Si Yu, told the Tajik press that the Tajikistan administration accepted the proposal for the coordination of the construction of the railway. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Çanakkale Spirit is Blowing in Beylikdüzü

The spirit of Çanakkele is blowing in Beylikdüzü: The spirit of Çanakkale lives in Beylikdüzü Metrobüs Square. Beylikdüzü Mayor Yusuf Uzun visited the bus, waiting for the people of Beylikdüzü. Mobile exhibition about Çanakkale saga at Beylikdüzü Metrobus Square [more…]