İDOnun Yekikapı-Bursa Line Intense Interest

İDOün Yekikapı-Bursa Line Intense Interest: İDO Istanbul, Yenikapı as a center to further increase the importance of the winter break and ski season reservations, IDO's Istanbul (Yenikapi) - Bursa, the ferry line up to an increase of up to 15 . Especially with the introduction of Marmaray line, passenger mobility in Yenikapı has increased.
İDO'nun, Istanbul (Yenikapı) - Bursa, regardless of weather conditions, fast, comfortable and fast travel offers a fast ferry service, winter conditions, such as 90 minutes in a short period of time to take passengers who want to take a comfortable journey. When the car and passenger ticket sales between 1-20 January 2014 are compared and compared with the same period of last year, 10 will be able to provide for each other between Istanbul (Yenikapı) -Bursa and Bursa-Istanbul (Yenikapı) There is an increase between 15.
Fast ferries which are not affected by the forced flight cancellations experienced in sea buses during heavy weather conditions such as fog, rain, storm, etc. play an important role in this even more attention of passengers. The increase of interest in İDO's fast ferry service between Istanbul and Bursa has also contributed to the fact that Yenikapı, the departure and arrival center of these ferries in Istanbul, has become a more popular center.
Finally, promotional sales for the semester holiday, which will start on Friday, January 24 and end on Sunday, February 9, and reservations made at ski resorts such as Uludağ, also support the liveliness in the Istanbul (Yenikapı) - Bursa Fast Ferry line. In early January, Istanbul (KabataşIn İDO, which terminates the sea bus (İDOBÜS) service between Bursa and Bursa, it is seen that some of the passengers on this line are heading to İDO's fast ferry service between Istanbul (Yenikapı) and Bursa. İDO, as of January 1, 2014, made the sea bus services between Bostancı-Yenikapı / Armutlu Holiday Village and Armutlu. Kadıköy-Yenikapı / Armutlu Holiday Village-Armutlu-Bursa, by changing the demands of its passengers in this direction and Kadıköy he also built a new bridge from Yenikapı to Bursa.


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