20 Denizli

Bozdag is waiting for snow

Snow Expects Bozdag: Turkey, spring weather while living in the middle of winter, cold air, again showed his face in the basin Küçükmenderes days living without the spring. With rainy weather [more…]

38 Kayseri

Erciyese Accessibility

Ease of Transportation in Erciyese: The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide ease of transportation to those who want to go to Erciyes daily during the semester break, started daily bus services. [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Snow craving in Kartepe Ski Resort

Kartepe Ski Center in the snow longing for: the important winter tourism centers of Turkey Kartepe, be enough snow in the region despite the school to enter the semester break so did not see the expected interest. To Istanbul [more…]


Enjoying skiing

Skiing Enjoyment does not turn into grind: With the beginning of the semester, ski resorts began to fill. Experts warned for possible injuries while skiing: Keep your knees bent, and if you fall, you can displace them until they stop. [more…]


Darica Aşıroğlu Junction Completed

Darıca Aşıroğlu Junction Has Been Completed: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has completed its work at Darıca Köprülü Junction. The Marmaray line under construction and the Osmangazi Station to be built within this scope [more…]

10 Balikesir

Balıkesir Light Rail Politics

Balıkesire Light Rail Policy: AKP, which announced its first projects for Büyükukşehir Balıkesir, was Edip Uğur, Candidate for Büyükukşehir Municipality. CHP Büyükukşehir Mayor Candidate Sami Sözat [more…]


Turkish student feast on tram

Feast of folk feast from university student in tram: Recently, it has become fashionable to play musical instruments such as baglama, guitar and darbuka in public transportation vehicles. Studying at Selcuk University [more…]