Railtur opens to the world with its domestic design wagons and bogies

Railtur Wagon Industry Inc., operating in the railway sector, has been manufacturing and maintenance of railway vehicles and spare parts in 2006 m6.000 closed area in Kayseri Free Zone since 2.

Chairman Halis Turgut in Turkey to the European Union's Interoperability Specification (TSI) and according to the standards of the first boxcar, he expressed a manufacturing and export of tank wagons and bogies.

. We have closely followed the ever-developing technology in the railway sector and its transportation, and presented new domestic products and designs to the sectoral market, Turgut he said.

Experienced industrialists providing information about the quality and certifications of their products, m Railway vehicles, bogie, wagon, sub-groups of sub-groups, pressure vessels and parts, design, development, production, welded manufacturing, service, restructuring, maintenance and sale of products for the general machinery industry ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and EN 15085-CL1 certifications are available. kapsamında

Rail Tur's wagon types are as follows: Various wagons; 62 m3- Zas Type, 70 m3-Za (e) s Type, 95 m3-Zacns Type Cistern Wagons and Rgns type platform wagon. On the other hand, the bogies manufactured by the company are as follows: Type Bogies: Y25Ls1-K, Y25Lsd-KP1 (H-Type, with push brake), Y25Lsd (f) -KC1 (H-type with Kom-pact brake system) , Y25Ls (s) (d) i (f) -K (bogie with integrated brake system), Tram bogies: Istanbul Transportation Inc.'s RTE-T4 tram bogie and Bozankaya- The fully welded frames of the trailer bogies and engine bogies of the Kayseray tram were produced by Railtur.




    1. I would like to congratulate the President and General Manager of the company. I am pleased to announce that the most suitable freight car for the country has been delivered with iamal ed. TCDD 3 must meet the needs of the subsidiary by opening a domestic tender to manufacture wagons. Thus the high cost of quality becomes low.