Use of İZBAN trains in Alsancak

Alsancak pavement ordeal for those who use İZBAN trains: In İZMİR, the pavement works in front of Alsancak Station make thousands of İzmir residents suffer every day, especially those who use İZBAN trains.
The infrastructural works in Izmir, which are said to be inexhaustible, which will take some trouble each time but will be relaxed afterwards, make the inhabitants of the city weary. The pavement works that have been going on in front of the Alsancak Station are also causing the people of Izmir to suffer. Thousands of people passing through this central area, especially those who get on and off the İZBAN trains from Alsancak station, cannot find a sidewalk to walk. Pedestrians have to either walk through the dirt or take the risk of a vehicle hitting them. Women who wear high-heeled shoes make great efforts not to fall while walking. The studies cause the congestion of vehicle traffic in the already busy region.
Citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality because of these efforts are pulling because they are suffering. In addition to the slow progress of the studies, the people of İzmir react to the fact that no measures are taken and no alternative walking paths for pedestrians can be made. In a city like Izmir, one of the central points of the people to face this table can not be given a meaning.

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