Transportation Minister Yıldırım 10 will finish dependence on foreign countries during the year

Transportation Minister Yildirim will end the dependence on foreign sources during the year 10: Transportation, Marines and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey "in its own aircraft 10 years, will train the locals and you'll end foreign dependency. with technological developments accumulate Turkey, next year in the future become a country participating in the space shuttle operation "dedi.bak Lightning, xnumx'inc of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications decisions taken at the Council Meeting, sector reports and council conclusions the attention açıkladı.türkiye magic Yildirim said that the 11 12 mileage network is the most important investment in rail transportation. High-speed train today, explaining that the 8 mile network, Minister Yildirim, 10 targets in the high and high-speed train network will increase even more. ulaş The number of passengers in the air transport today has reached 888 million. 2023 10 disabled airport at the point reached today, while there is no barrier-free airport. While the shipyard capacity is today 162 million, 371 will increase this number to 131 million years later.

When we look at the IT sector turnover, we target $ 2013 billion in 47.7 and $ 10 billion after 160 years. While internet use is 47.4 percent today, this level will reach 2023 percent in 80. In other words, if we include the increasing population after 10 years, 80 percent of the population will use the internet. If we look at the number of PTT banks, today there are 2 thousand 746 banks. 10 years later, PTT Bank will not remain without service. ”Evaluating the works carried out within 10 years, Minister Yıldırım said:“ The manual transition on the highways has ended and we have activated the automatic transition system. Turkey brought together with the YHT YHT and our railway project continues. Yıldırım added that the Ankara Metro is going to be finished and put into service in the beginning of next year.

Negotiations were made with airline companies and the decision was reached. The application will be effective at the end of the holiday, as the flight reservations are already made and the purchase of tickets from the internet has already occurred. The important thing for us is that the citizen is not a victim. We will bring this application in order to avoid opportunism. Fırsat

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