Chp'li Büyükersen Government's Railway Projects Appreciate

Chp'li Büyükerşen from the Government of the Railway Projects Appreciation: Republican People's Party (CHP) Eskisehir Metropolitan Mayor. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen stated that he appreciated the government's project on transportation and said vard There is only good thing that this government does, I say it with a CHP, it has given weight to the railways Yılmaz.

Municipal Büyükerşen Speaking at a press conference in the building of the European Union as a solution to transportation problems in Eskisehir in Turkey and pointed to practices in the country. The European Union and the Council of Europe, which have been trying to enter for years, stated that the city was the conditions. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen, "they did bring up open files in Turkey. 'Make sure you do the following to get to Turkey, the horse also include' did not he. No more turn to them. In the city conditions, the city centers, shopping is intense, where people are intense in all kinds of wheeled vehicles, including cars to stop immediately and not to enter the inside of the decision of not to enter the motorcycle. All the European Union countries are in cities. No freedom to drive in Eskişehir. He never thought about it when he was getting a car. He's getting in the car. Good, good. Look at cars, private cars, most people have one. 60 a person on the percentage of 20, maybe 2 person goes, where 5 6'da, 3-4 person goes to a family. Look at the one-person outgoing car 80 You are using the 1,5-toner to carry a pound person. There is also oil in Turkey, we are importing from the outside. When you turn on the televisions, you see that banks are giving car loans at zero interest. Of course, the country has no urban transportation policy, nor is there a transportation policy between cities.


Ti There is one good thing that this government does, lı said Büyükerşen.

“I say with a CHP; This is because the railways have given weight. So it is more or less the road from railways to rail transportation to get cheaper, more people carry a thought, such as carrying, or a little bit of pretense, 'We have done it,' I bring it to say, I do not know it. He can also be the subject of discussion. And they'il customize. The privatizations will also sell State Railways. Before the same Republic, during the Ottoman Empire, foreign companies were operating trains, operating trams, Frenchmen, Germans and getting money per kilometer. When we declared our independence with the Republic, we nationalized and nationalized them as the first. Now if they customize, it will return to the day, a process will begin.

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