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The book on railway reform: The European Rail and Infrastructure Group (CER) is the leading railway company in Europe.

European Union ", the candidate countries (Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey) and also from the Western Balkan countries, Norway and Switzerland" is also the 70 railroad companies and infrastructure companies to bring people together. The center is in Brussels and represents the interests of its members against the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Commission, and other decision-makers and transport actors. The core focus of the CER is to promote the reinforcement of the railway, which is necessary for the creation of a sustainable, efficient and environmentally sustainable transport system.

In this context, the main priority is to eliminate the high external costs reflected in the society and to increase the railway efficiency and to ensure a more balanced mode separation in the transport system. In line with its initiatives to improve the quality of rail services, the CER considers the mobilization of adequate investment in railway infrastructure projects as a prerequisite to ensure a sustainable mode separation. This portfolio covers all policy areas that have an impact on rail transport, offering advice and recommendations to European decision-makers. The area of ​​interest of CER is; infrastructure planning, passenger and freight services, public services, environment, research and development and social dialogue. In close cooperation with its members, CER supervises and assesses the implementation of policies. It recommends that legislative arrangements be made to address existing problems in dialogue with decision-makers. Two non-European railway companies (Georgia and Japan) as the CER partner have created opportunities for inter-regional productivity opportunities and experiences in the field of best practices.

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